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“The limit of our knowledge is where we cease to ask.”
(F. Peavey)

The improvement in the economic situation of the world in recent times has meant that the Arab world has come to the forefront of economics. Here you can find out about the people who live and work in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Arab countries. Arab businesses often bring their employees to Germany in order to enhance their business and establish working relationships with other cultures.

More and more doctors are treating patients from the Arab world, and therefore need to have a basic knowledge of the culture.

Many Germans also emigrate to Arab countries in order to experience a different way of life, where the people, the weather and the overall character are different.

Many people believe that they can learn all they need to know from books and academic literature. However, they often realise that what they understand in theory is very different when needing to be put into practice; this often creates bad impressions and results in negative consequences. This is where Interarab comes in; we offer first class assistance in situations such as these, whether here in Germany or the Arab world.

Intercultural training offers practical ways to optimise relationships with the Arab world.

Our seminars provide you with a foundation knowledge of the culture and the background, allowing you to develop a deeper understanding of not just how people behave, but also why.

We are also here to assist with start ups of new projects, seeking employees, administration etc...